Something Pink

So Crabbkins has something pink to shout about, well actually I should really say ‘Crabbkins HAD something pink to shout about’ because our new pink arrival isn’t quite so new anymore.picsart_12-18-02-36-42

Baby Pink Crabb arrived safe and sound at the beginning of September and life has been pretty hectic ever since  (anyone with more than one family member (husbands, dogs, cats, horses, fish etc etc included will understand!)

(Obviously) Baby PC is very stylish and already has a pink duck parade wet wipe cover in her changing bag; she also has a coordinating nappy pouch .  A cot pocket tidy hangs from her cot to keep all her essential items close by and her designer  (yes designer!  All bought by Gran from the Marbella baby boutiques that she’s been dying to drag poor grandad into for years, with their pink this and pink thats adorning the windows) dresses hang from their hand painted coat hangers.  Baby Pink Crabb is clearly a Crabbkins fan – would you expect anything less?!

So what to buy a 3 month old, Crabbkins crazy baby for their first Christmas?  A doll – of course she needs a doll, she can’t even sit up yet but of course she needs a doll – or so her mummy thinks (remember the original Baby Crabb is of the blue variety and although I am now an expert on building train tracks and fully understand the difference a front loader and a flat loader tractor trailer, there is definitely a space in the playroom for a doll or two.

But buying a doll, apparently, isn’t quite as simple as it seems.  Firstly, for this little Christmas Crabb, it needs to be suitable from birth, ok great so that knocks quute a few contenders out (we can leave the ‘do we decide to go down the Baby Annabell route or collect the entire nursery equipment list for Baby Born?’ questions for a few years down the line) but it’s still a bit of a minefield.  And then, just like Angel Gabriel appearing to the Shepherds, like a flash of light in the dark, I stu6mbled upon these gorgeous fabric dolls, even more gorgeous because they put a smile on more than your precious daughter’s  (or son’s) face.

Hand made in Sri Lanka, these Imajo Bonikka dolls are made in a factory which operates a fair trade policy: workers receive a fair wage, many other additional benefits (including holiday and maternity pay) and the materials are bought in the local area.  So smiles all around really.

Perfect for a first doll,  a first Christmas gift and a first lesson in the ways of the world –  perfect for Baby Crabb, so perfect we decided to stock the dolls ourselves so we can spread the word to all our lovely customers.

I’m just imagining the fun Baby Pink Crabb will have cuddling and caring for her cute Imajo baby dolls – Santa is currently wrapping the pink doll and the doll in the Moses basket!  And bearing in mind what a fantastic big brother Baby Crabb is turning out to be,  I’m pretty certain that he will be using them to practice his big brother skills on!

Imajo Bonikka Dolls are now available

Age: Suitable from birth

Size: 27-30cm

Material: Made from polyester and cotton, with recycled polyester filling. The outfit is made from 95% cotton and 5%polyester.

Shop Imajo Baby Dolls



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