san pedro and banus

Yesterday was just as exciting as the day before; but last night, I stayed awake until 9.30pm!!


Mummy picked our outfits for the day ahead.  She thought it was best if we wpid-img_20150521_230011.jpgchose clothes that were smart and casual as we weren’t entirely sure what our plans were.





I was actually quite chuffed with my outfit because I haven’t worn my white shorts in England yet and my shirt was a gift for my first birthday.






Auntie Lottie went on an adventure of her own in the morning.  Apparently she went horse riding with one of Gran and Grandad’s friends who owns a restaurant close to our house.  Now I think I’m going to have to have a little word with him because I just love horses and I thought he was my good friend. But instead Auntie Lottie was very sneaky (with mummy) again and put William and I down for a morning nap and then went horse riding. Of course I then had to look after little Cousin William  when he woke up because he was a little upset when he woke up and found his mummy had crept out of the house- I really did totally agree with him but I had to be very mature and comfort him.

When Auntie Lottie came back we had a lovely picnic on the top terrace. Auntie Lottie made us some yummy chicken so I forgave her for sneaking out to go and see the horses.  After that Cousin William and I played in the paddling pool and then we were both rather tired so we had a little nap.  I’d overheard Mummy and Gran talking so I knew that we were going out tonight. I told Cousin William that it was very important that we both had a nap so we could stay up and see exciting things tonight.

After our nap we all had a hot tub; this was Grandad’s idea.  He said we should all have a hot tub because Cousin William and I enjoy it so much; but, it’s actually because he wanted a gin and tonic – ordinarily I’d be a little annoyed at someone using me as an excuse but I just adore my Grandad so I don’t mind, I’ll keep his secret safe.



We then all got ready and jumped in the car; we went to San Pedro.





One of Gran and Grandad’s friend told them about a little park and new walkway so we went to find it.


 On the way we stopped for a coffee and piece of cake-yummy!


Mummy and I found some lovely lavender.


After our swing session and walk along the winding bridge we were very hungry and we decided to go back to Puerto Banus and have a big pizza and bowl of pasta to share!

wpid-img_20150521_230408.jpgWilliam and I really wanted to see the boats so we desperately tried to stay awake.  We just about managed this but something very odd happened when we settled in the restaurant.

wpid-img_20150521_225341.jpgAll I can remember is having a little taste of Mummy’s aubergine  parmigiana and watching lots of people coming and going and then I woke up this morning in my cot!?


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