Gran and Grandad have treated us to a couple of days away in Spain, lucky us!wpid-img_20150521_063857.jpg

We are here with Auntie Lottie and Cousin William.  Last night we went out for tapas in Marbella.  William and I knew we were going out somewhere special because we got dressed up AND we had our hair brushed (mine to the side of course).

When we were  in the car we could tell we were going to Orange Square wpid-img_20150521_063617.jpgbecause we drove under the big Marbella arches; however, Mummy and Auntie Lottie were very sneaky because they pushed us in our prams and we just fell asleep and missed out on all the excitement.

Well, actually, before we fell asleep, we both got a lovely outfit in the Mayorel shop and, because I’m such a big boy now and can walk, I got a pair of special shoes to wear on the sand.

Mummy wanted to buy me some other super smart shoes (just like Grandad wears)  but we just couldn’t decide which colour and style to get so we decided it was perhaps best to wait until we are here with Daddy next week.

William fell asleep before me, probably because he is my little cousin.  I am wpid-img_20150521_062602.jpgseven weeks older than him so I’m a little bit more mature and can stay up ten minutes longer than him.

But I don’t always let the adults know I’m staying awake; I’m a little bit sneaky wpid-img_20150521_063954.jpgand just keep one eye slightly open.  Good job I did this because I saw all these beautiful flowers.

So, everyone had a lovely meal at the tapas bar.


I think they had a couple of bottles of wine.  I really wasn’t counting, but, I did actually wake up very briefly and everyone was a little bit giddy and I know that water doesn’t make me that giddy.


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