a day in the dales

The other day I took a break.  I took a break from all I said this blog was about.wpid-2015-05-15-21.55.50.jpg.jpeg I took a break from the housework, I took a break from being a wife, I took a break from baby crabb and I took a break from sewing for crabbkins.  But usually when I take a break from these things that my world revolves around, I usually find myself slipping on my L K Bennett kitten heels, dusting off my Cambridge Satchel Company satchel and skipping off to a day of supply teaching with a shiny apple in my bag; but not the other day.  No no.  The other day I even took a break from that!! What on earth did you do I hear you cry; go shopping?  Well I suppose I could have done, but no, the other day I went to the set; the set of Emmerdale to be precise. I took a break from all my usual activities. dusted off my ma acting degree and skipped onto the set of Emmerdale. (well, I didnt actually skip, I wanted to try and hide my excitement!)

Now, not to sound like an old hand,  I have actually been here before, well not actually to the Emnerdale set, but to an Emmerdale location. Back in the day, before I had a ring on my finger, before I had a mini me, back when I was a slightly more fresh-faced, wide-eyed recent drama school graduate,  I ventured onto the set as a receptionist!

But before you get mildly excited, the other day I wasn’t making an appearance that was going to win me an Oscar; unless there is an award for a best ‘blink and we might miss you’ part; however, I did speak and I did have my hair done!

Fun times!

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