Ok, so, in my pre early morning, constantly sicky shoulder life, I was the badge wearing, flag flying Queen Bee of the ‘I dislike dummys’ hive.



Hating to be wrong and dreading hearing the dulsit tones of my been there done that friends with children singing ‘I told you so’ in my ears, I like to think of my little toe dipping experience into the world of dummys, pacis, pacifiers (who knew there was such an array of linguistic terminology associated with, essentially, a piece of plastic) as being more research based rather than a slip into sheer desperation or a slide into peacefulness where beautiful butterflies once again fly across the landscape of my rose tinted, blissful world.

wpid-img_20150320_163523.jpgSo basically, however many layers of hand crafted, petal studded, rose scented paper and luxury silk ribbon I wrap it up in, the truth is …. I was wrong and I gave in.  I took the bold step, bought the dummy, smuggled it into the house (my husband was of the pre baby never say never camp) casually popped it into the wide open mouth of my precious little darling.  And guess what happened?


Absolutely nothing.

No fire  breathing dragons came down my chimney.  No chorus of finger wagging, post baby phase mummys popped up from behind my sofa. Nothing.  And whats more, there was nothing from baby crabb.  I had momentarily achieved new mummy perfection: silence!

However, having found an ‘on switch’ to an artificial oasis of calm, I was still wpid-img_20150320_163351.jpgnot a fully fee paying subscribed member of the plastic fantastic mouth piece gang.  So, in order to ease my must be practically perfect at all times mary poppins conscience, I had to make it look pretty; if it looks pretty it’s acceptable ( in my fabric lined mind at least).


Out came the sewing machine, the fabrics, the ribbons, lace and trimmings and in went the creative juices.  Mix it all together, shake it all about and there you have it: a pleasing to the eye, yet practical, baby (must have) accessory.

A slightly over indulgent, long winded way of introducing the crabbkins dummy holder!

A practical product made pretty.





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