a first birthday

I’ve previously mentioned that I need little excuse to put my creative gloves on and baby crabb’s first birthday almost sent me into overdrive!  Baking, decorating,  crafting, wrapping ….. need I go on …..?

wpid-img_20150411_180831.jpgAnd what’s more, I managed to string out baby crabb’s first birthday celebrations across quite a few days so in turn, I managed to spread my crafting across a few days!

For baby crabb’s actual birthday I made him quite a simple three-layered wpid-img_20150411_181132.jpgvictoria sponge cake.  I added some cute little decorative flags and birds which I already had in my cupboard and tied a piece of blue frayed material around it. This ‘ribbon’ was from my wedding,  I ripped lots of pieces of material into ribbon and tied them to the trees on my parent’s front lawn.  The cake had quite a shabby chic vintage look about it.

I began decorating the house with bunting the day before his actual birthday.  I wpid-img_20150411_181349.jpgused the bunting I had made for my wedding but when I opened the bag it had been stored in for the past two years, I found meters and meters of bunting – I must have gone a little bunting making crazy in the months leading up to the wedding as I had enough to cover all the houses in the village!   However, I soon found good use for it all and hung it in the garden.

Baby crabb’s gran and auntie sent him some lovely bunting and easter egg hunt wpid-img_20150412_122129.jpgkits from Laura Ashley so they were a very welcome addition to his easter themed party (his party fell on easter sunday)

And then to the food …. easter egg nests are a must at an easter themed party

wpid-img_20150412_123034.jpgand so simple to make.  Just a case of mixing crushed shredded wheat and chocolate, putting into cupcake cases, adding a  couple of eggs and putting in the fridge to set, yummy – a hit with little and big people!!

Baby crabb loved his first birthday cake so much that I made him exactly the wpid-img_20150412_122729.jpgsame cake for his party but this time I iced it and decorated it with his name and rocking horses (he loves anything horse related!).

I also made some cupcakes to match with the blue theme!  I used a piping bag to ice the cupcakes; I always wpid-img_20150412_123354.jpgfind I need an extra hand when filling the icing bag so the buttercream doesn’t go all over. So, I put the nozzle in the bag and put the bag in a glass so I was left with both hands to fill the bag.

The party went with a real swing; the sun was shining, our friends were smiling and most importantly,  after all that hard work, the wine was flowing!


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