chick, chick, chick, chick crafting

I love to craft.  I love nothing more than a good excuse to get my crafty fingers wriggling and this week has been no exception. wpid-img_20150327_230110.jpg This week I’ve had two reasons to get crafty: Easter and baby crabbs first birthday (whole separate blog needed-when I’ve managed to get through the emotions involved in my baby turning 1!) Baby crabb loves animals so I thought I’d make him a little easter tree-although I did have to explain to him that sheep don’t actually hang around in branches and hens usually prefer to peck around the floor rather than in trees.  Never the less I set to work collecting some crafting equipment ….. wpid-img_20150329_141650.jpg wpid-img_20150329_141814.jpg I had already found a great piece of branch in one of the fields at baby crabb’s gran and grandad’s house.  (I’m not sure that I’ve ever thought of a piece of branch as being great before, but I hope, those of you who have a crafty bone in your body, will understand the excitement of finding a perfect piece of branch to decorate!)  Then, much to mr crabbs horror, I ‘borrowed’ some precious stones from the garden.  I used an old glass vase, put the branch inside it and surrounded it with the ‘precious’ stones to hold it in place. wpid-img_20150329_141905.jpg   Then to the fun part!   To cover the bottom of the branch, I used some gorgeous specked eggs which I’ve had for ages as decorations in my kitchen.  I’d seen some lovely little birds nest a couple of weeks ago and attached those to the branches with very fine craft wire.  Then I added the ‘flying’ sheep and hens. To finish off, I tied little bows on the branches.  I decided to keep to just one colour so it didn’t look to fussy – I always try to use something that used to belong to my grandma in my craft projects because I think that’s where I inherited my love of sewing from.  So, if you look very carefully there is a bow tied out of white lace,  which used to belong to her. wpid-img_20150329_143533.jpg

Voila!  An easter tree.


Because I had some bits and bobs left over, I decided to add an easter theme to the front of the house.  I found the twig wreaths I used at the church when I got married and replaced the dried lavender with some bright yellow artifical flowers.   I attached some slightly different nests and added a little row of pearls to add that glamorous touch!


Happy Easter!

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