a new house on the web

I’m not the most technically minded person on the planet.  That could actually be the start and finish of this post because really, I don’t need to elaborate any more ….. but I will!

If I had been put on this earth as a spider I’m pretty certain that I would have a web that would be the envy of the residents of spider street!  I can just imagine myself knitting and stitching together an intricate pattern between two tree branches, simple enough for me to be able to negotiate in the dark; intricate enough to stop people as they pass by and notice my web house sparkling in the spring sunshine.

Problem is, I’m not a spider and I’m not whimsically spinning a web in the wild.  What I am doing, is making a different kind of house on the world wide web.  Sounds simple enough; not so for someone who is more comfortable juggling reels of cotton rather than pages of coding.  But, I can also be rather stubborn and I don’t usually give up until I’ve got the job done!

So, after reading web building forums, coding for dummies etc etc I had the foundations down and could begin building the walls, roof and chimney and I’m pretty proud of the mansion I’ve built!

Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.


Crabbkins pink 55





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