project babywalk

Baby crabb and I have a project this week, a walking kind of project.  We start the morning off with some leg squats and forward lunges whilst singing “these boots are made for walking” ……. ok, so we don’t actually do that, I’m not even sure there’s such a thing as a leg squat is there?  I think I have some vague recollection of squats in pe at school and legs being associated with some hideous form of a gruelling sergeant major fitness regime but I have to confess, I can’t actually remember in which order they came,  suffice it to say, I don’t make baby crabb do any warm up drills in the morning!  I don’t even do any warm up drills myself.

I did try, once.

I did try to be really good and do sit ups and press ups and jog of a morning but this was only in preparation for my wedding and I use the word preparation very (very) loosely.  I thought, in my naive and inexperienced exercise brain, that doing ten sit ups and jogging for ten minutes would give me the body of a bridal goddess.  Well, my bubble was burst when I casually mentioned this to my ‘friends’ and the pe teacher at school as I dropped it into conversation that I was in fact training for my wedding and because I didn’t own a stopwatch, I counted the minutes on my fingers and because I only have ten fingers (or eight fingers and two thumbs for the finer details people reading this) I could only keep track of my jogging for ten minutes, so that’s how much I did – simple.  They all reminded me that I’d probably burn more calories and add more muscles to zero pack by picking up fabric and sewing together my metres of bunting I was creating.   Point taken,  my talents are clearly more visible sitting at my sewing machine rather than pounding at the pavement.  And what’s more, I’m actually the size of a mouse as my 6ft 3″ husband reminds me!

I digress …..

Baby crabb and I have a project, a walking project.  Baby crabb has mastered the standing up against chairs,  sofas, cupboards,  legs etc etc.  He’s pretty confident at walking along the furniture and can stand and balance unaided,  until he remembers that he is actually standing and balancing unaided and then he wobbles and bumps down onto his bottom.  Now he needs to take that next bold leap,  well lets just say, the next bold step, I don’t want him running before he can walk!

The problem we have is that we have oak floors.  Lovely to look at, rather difficult to keep clean but more importantly, rather difficult to control the speed of a baby walker on.  Cue my creative side, using the term ‘creative’ is probably a bit over the top, perhaps I could just say: cue my genius side …. masking tape and double-sided sticky tape.


I used masking tape first on the wheels to create a certain amount of friction, thus stopping the baby walker running away with baby crabb (another vague recollection of lessons learnt at school: physics!)


Good but not good enough.  Industrial double-sided sticky tape,  just the thing one keeps in her bits and bobs cupboard – my father always says “keep it, you never know when you might need it! ”  And today was one if those days.  I needed double-sided sticky tape; I needed it to help baby crabb learn how to walk and I found it in my cupboard.



4 thoughts on “project babywalk

  1. What a great idea – I can see how oak floors must make it a challenge to stop the baby walker running away too quickly and such a brilliant idea to use masking tape to help slow it down!

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