window dressing

There’s always one room in a new house that becomes a bit of a dumping ground.   That room was our front lounge for a while.   We didn’t use it at first because we have a scrummy live in, open plan kitchen; however, there is always the need for a ‘best’ lounge to sit the grandparents in at Christmas with a glass or two of sherry!

Baby crabb, obviously realising my desire to get this sorting job started and finished in record time,  thought he would take it upon himself to give me a helping hand.  Sweet!  Or not so when you remember that baby crabb is ten months old and his hands aren’t of the most helping variety!  However, after carrying baby crabb out of the room and onto his play mat more times than I care to remember, I finally managed to unpacked the boxes, shuffle some of them round (and round again) relocate bits and pieces that I didn’t really know what to do with to other nooks and crannies around the house and end up with a, more or less,  clean slate to work my magic on.

cue the sewing machine

My ‘magic’ is sprinkled in the form of curtains; curtains,  blind and pelmet to be more precise.  I wanted to give the room a real country feel and found some lovely wool fabric.  I already had some material that would work perfectly as a roman blind at the small window.  Now to the tricky part …. finding the time to measure and make the curtains whilst baby crabb’s busy hands were still and sleeping!

I made the pelmet first, well, when I say made the pelmet, what I actually mean is,  I rang my amazing father and had that same old conversation:

“Dad.” I say

“Yes darling” Dad says

“Umm, I’ve just got this idea I wondered if you can help me with.” I say

“Yes darling, what do you want me to make for you? Dad says


So dad made me a pelmet from some bits of wood he had in his Aladdin’s Cave and I covered it.

Another father-daughter project completed!

wpid-img_20150304_212829.jpg The blind came next ….

wpid-img_20150304_212943.jpgwpid-img_20150304_211348.jpg….. closely followed by the curtains.


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