creating clean floor perfection

I like to think there’s a little bit of Mary Poppins in me.  I’m not saying that I’m practically perfect, I’m saying I like things to be practically perfect.

A friend of mine, who is expecting her first baby asked me, what baby product couldn’t you live without?  She looked at me like Ariel the Little Mermaid, lost in a world of gadgets and gizmos, expecting me to tell her she HAD to have the latest temperature regulating, sound enhancing,  all signing all dancing baby monitor; but I let her down.  Instead I gave her the non baby related product I couldn’t have lived without for the past 10 months, especially now baby crabb is starting to feed himself: the Dyson handheld!

Dyson handheld
Dyson handheld

Now I’ve never professed to be a glamorous yummy mummy (although baby crabb and I do try to dress to impress even when we are only venturing around the country lanes) but I definitely think I lost any shred of yumminess in the three mortal words I uttered “the dyson handheld”!! For those of you that have babies and/or children you will know that sometimes mealtimes aren’t always  a clean activity.   Baby crabb loves his food,  scratch that, baby crabb adores his food!  In a bid to allow baby crabb to become slightly more independent at mealtimes,  I’ve begun to introduce some finger foods at lunch time.  I never fell into the whole baby led weaning to start with.  I figured that, although it’s important to allow babies to make choices, experiment with different textures and develop an ability to feed themselves blah blah blah, I also figured that baby crabb actually needed food in his mouth and more to the point my lovely new oak kitchen floor certainly wasn’t going to benefit from being decorated with food-all be it, food of the lovingly prepared homemade variety!

Cheese on toast that escaped baby crabb's mouth
Cheese on toast that escaped baby crabb’s mouth

So, allowing my inner Mary Poppins perfection-ometer to drop well below freezing, I decided to allow baby crabb to ‘experiment’ with his food.  Cheese on toast followed by blueberries and grapes (perhaps not the healthiest of lunch time munchies, but it was concocted in an attempt to use up left overs from his christening at the weekend).  It started out well.  I was calm when the first piece of toast hit the floor; he managed to successfully consume two cheese soldiers previously and I managed to wipe up the crime scene swiftly, clean floor perfection restored!  However,  blueberries and grapes are tricky customers for little fingers. wpid-paperartist_2015-02-26_11-56-19.jpegwpid-paperartist_2015-02-26_11-55-55.jpeg I tried to use my dust pan and brush to sweep up the cheese and toast,  blueberries and grapes that had dived from the high chair high board and somersaulted onto the floor with more of a belly flop than an Olympic standard pike, but I just had to turn to modern-day technology to rescue my floor.  And that is when I turned to my beloved Dyson handheld; my must have non baby related product that I can’t live without.

Dyson handheld creating clean floor perfection

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