a gem between the pages


Today I found something lovely; I found a beautiful memory.

Baby crabb and I had a busy morning; we were tidying and cleaning!  “On a Sunday?” I hear you cry, yes, on a Sunday.  You may now think I have a cleaning problem (possibly inherited from my parents, see blog post pearls, kitten heels and a satchel) but there was a reason for getting my feather duster out on the day of rest: we had a family gathering.  On a Sunday?” I hear you cry, yes, on a Sunday!

So baby crabb and I were tidying and cleaning, well, I was tidying and cleaning and then tidying again.  Baby crabb is into everything at the moment.  I should be embracing his inquisitive mind and supporting his desire to pull everything out of the cupboard or off the shelf; however, as I mentioned, today I was tidying and cleaning, tidying and cleaning for a family gathering.

“Pleeeeeease don’t pull another book off the bookshelf.” I say to baby crabb.

“But mummy, I love reading about Shakespeare and The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare is an excellent source of scholarly opinions and information to further broad my appreciation and knowledge of The Great Bard.”  Baby crabb replies.   Well, of course he doesn’t actually say that, but he has very expressive eyes and I’m pretty certain that that is what he was trying to say.

Anyway, when baby crabb pulled his morning read from the bookshelf he also, unbeknown to either of us, uncovered a gem between the pages.  As I was putting back the heavy reference book, what did I notice?  An old tatty, folded piece of paper had fallen out.  But this old tatty, folded piece of paper was actually keeping a precious memory very safe.  As I opened the piece of paper, I suddenly remembered what treasure lay inside.  Flowers.  Flowers from my bridesmaid bouquet from a very special friends wedding last year.  I had pressed the flowers in an attempt to preserve them, an attempt to preserve a memory, and as I gazed at the collection of flowers I thought to myself, what a successful preservation I had achieved!


This was a wedding, but it was also a first outing; a first outing for a new little family.  Weddings are like new chapters in your book of life; this wedding was a new chapter in our life.  The previous chapter was about becoming a three and this chapter was about stepping out as a three for the first time; luckily I had a beautiful bride to follow and a gorgeous dress to make the public appearance flow seamlessly!



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