pearls, kitten heels and a satchel


Yesterday I went to work.  When I say I went to work, what I actually mean is, I left my day job of looking after baby crabb, took ‘time out’ and morphed myself back into my pre-baby primary school teacher self.  I was nervous, I was very nervous.  What if I had forgotten how to teach?  What if I’d  transformed from a Miss Honey into a Miss Truchbull, and would spend the day threatening to send the children to the chokey if they didn’t behave?  (Clearly you have to be a Matilda fan to understand that)

Then I began to feel a tiny twinge of excitement.  I think the excitement began when I opened the drawer under the bed in the spare room and ran my fingers over my neatly folded, tissue paper covered teaching clothes.  My skirts, my lovely high-waisted, slim fitting skirts.  Skirts which I had tried to fit myself and my baby crabb bump into for as long as possible before I had to make the bold decision to put them away and start wearing baby crabb bump accomodating knitted dresses.  I don’t have anything against knitted dresses, and I had some very nice knitted dresses, but they don’t have the same corridor appeal as a nice pencil skirt, crisp white shirt, kitten heels and pearls!  So I began to feel more positive about my day off motherhood and focussed on the plus side to venturing back into the world of work: I could dress up for the day!  So I dusted off the cobwebs from my navy  l k bennett kitten heels, polished my leather personalised cambridge satchel company satchel and pressed my crisp white shirt.  Well, I say “I pressed”, what actaully happened, remember I am still residing at hotel mum and dad, was that mummy put the crisp back into my white shirt with a quick wave of the magic ironing wand!

7.30am came.  I took the final bite of my crumpet,  breakfast prepared by my mummy,  kissed baby crabb, well I really smothered him in kisses, jumped into my defrosted and preheated car, courtesy of my wonderful daddy – I wouldn’t say I’m spoilt, I’d just say I’m well cared for (!) – and followed the yellow brick road to school safe in the knowledge I had my old and trusted friends to get me through the day: pearls,  kitten heels and a satchel!


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